Can you tell me how to make Saline???


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Feb 17, 2008
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I need some to Goose with,help!!!!
Things You’ll Need:

2 Level teaspoons table salt, plain not iodized
4 Cups tap water
Sterile glass jar and lid
Clean pan and lid

1-Wash your hands with soap and warm water, rinse and dry.
2-Combine salt and water in the pan.
3-Cover the pan and heat until boiling.
4-Boil for 15 minutes. Keep the lid on the pan, do not uncover.
5-Remove from heat, and keep covered.
6-Cool to room temperature, and keep covered.
7-Uncover and pour into the sterile jar, and seal jar tightly with lid.
8-Place the label on the jar. Use the pen to write the date on the label.
9-Write the time and date on the label when you remove the lid from the jar.
10-Throw the saline away 48 hours after it is opened, or throw an unused, unopened jar of saline away 30 days after it was made.
My packets for my neti pot contain
Sodium bicarbonate 700 mg
Sodium chloride 2300 mg

Sodium bicarb is baking soda
Sodium chloride is table salt..

Most folks use a whole package in their "neti pot" but I usually only use half..
Hope that helps?
We make it with 8 grams NaCl per liter of deionized water.
We use a lab scale but I think that's about a slightly heaping tsp per liter.
It would have to be sterilized though.
After you do the saline irrigation..You might try a triple antibiotic ointment..(like "neosporin")
It will keep the scab flexible and help keep infection out

Edited to add...Without painkiller..never use anything that ends in "caine" on a chicken from what I've read
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