Can you tell me what breeds or gender these are


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Oct 28, 2012
I was told the two larger chickens were a Rhode Island Red and a Black Australorp. I was also told the baby was either a Easter Egger or an Amerucana. I'm sure that was mispelled that.. lol Ill post the pics now. If you could tell me the sex and breed I'd very much appreciate it. As you can see the larger Black bird has white on her chest. I was hoping that would help one identify her as what we were told she is. The baby has greenish feet. She is really the calmest, baby chick we have ever been around although this is all new to me. Thanks to you all and I appreciate you all..I usually always order from a respected hatchery and loveRed Comets. These are more of surprise chickens. With a hatcher I don't have these problems. This time I just picked the sweetest, most gentle and said what the heck. Kids will love them especially if we get colored eggs out of the baby. Thanks, Joseph

I doubt the older ones are either a rhode island red, or an australorp......rhode island reds have yellow legs, not grey. and black australorps are pure of color markings...

the chick on the other hand could be an ameraucana since green legs are a characteristic of theirs.
Maybe they're all Easter Eggers? the older two could be and just dont have beards.

The black one might be some kind of black star butI'm not sure what cross would make the color on the chest/neck silver and not red.
your rir is a buff orp the australorp is not an australorp, but need a better photo to tell what it is. The green legged chick is likely an ee no amerucana will have green legs. That is an ee trait
I found this pic of a black Austularp and it looks exaclty like my baby chick except for the greenish legs of mine. What do you all think. My baby chick look EXACTLY like this but differnt colored legs. Thank you all again. I really love getting sugestions. ..Joseph

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