can you tell the age of a chicken to see if they still lay?

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    Jan 19, 2009
    i just got four new rhode islands reds, the auctioner said they were 6 or 7 mo old. we have only gotten one egg, and none since then we have had them for about 5 days now, eating good, doing well around the coop, and well acting like chickens, how do i know that they really arent past egg laying stage and were sold to get rid of them? everything i have read says they should start laying around 5 mo. is that right? i just really want to know if i can tell the age, to see if i got 'taken' it was at an auction, so i would hope things would be legite.
    if anyone could help me that would be great! thanks for reading and helping!
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    That's a good question. Is there a way to tell how old a chicken is?

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    Post a picture on the forum and the knowlegeable will let you know the aprx. age. Hens take a while to relax back into laying after an auction. Sometimes as much as 3 weeks. Good luck with your new hens and enjoy. Jean

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