Can you use deep litter method in an open chicken run?


5 Years
Oct 19, 2018
I am wondering if I can use the deep litter method in my run. It has no cover on it. I'm wondering if the rain/snow will cause this method to be unproductive. Thanks!
With our unusually rainy summer and fall in NE Oklahoma this year I am so so so very glad we went deep litter in the run. If we kept it plain ground it would have been an ugly muddy smelly mess. The county is pretty saturated and even with tarps covering the run it still got wet with blowing winds. With deep litter there is no smell or mold and my chooks are not having to walk in water. We used sand on the ground level, then put pine bark nuggets from lowes, twigs, sticks, grass weed clipping, now gathering leaves to throw on top plus some hay. They keep it turned up pretty good and if i see any stray poopies i just kick some litter over it. It still got wet but at least it is bearable and like the ground out in the woods.

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