Can you use Vetericyn on chickens?

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    I figure the mfr would nix off-label use, so I'm asking here. I have 3 rescue hens; one has little black spots on her feet that remind me of mildew. I was thinking of spritzing all three of them with Vetericyn to be safe -- they haven't been well cared-for. I did add Nutri-drench to their water.

    Also, they were forced to eat their own eggs for food; will they get over this now that I'm caring for them?
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    Mar 3, 2011
    i have beenwondering the same thing. hopefully someone will answer
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    May 7, 2011
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    I used Vetericyn on my chick's runny eye / skin condition and it helped. Certainly didn't hurt her.

    As far as the eating of eggs, someone more knowledgeable will have to chime in. I would think that over time, given much more tasty things to eat, they'd break the habit.

    Nice of you to take them in. [​IMG]

    Edit: Also, a representative of Vetericyn appears to have commented and left contact information here:
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    Our hens and duck were attacked Sunday by neighbors dogs who breached my fence. I ran to tractor supply and got tetracycline and Veterycyn. The on call vet reassured me it was alright to use on my feathered friends and when we took duck to the vet the next morning (both hens died) he said that he prefers the veterycyn over Blue Cote and it's what he uses in his clinic.

    As far as the egg-eating, unfortunately once they become "egg-suckers" they don't quit. I have a friend who ended up having to put one down for that reason. He has a larger farm and his are not pets as mine are, one egg-sucker can decimate a flock of laid eggs quickly. Best advice, try to get to the eggs as soon as they are laid. Sorry [​IMG]
  5. ShooterG22

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    Dec 8, 2011
    I also posted this in another topic but I will reply here as well. I used Vetericyn HydroGel spray on a hen that go mauled by a dog. She had a nasty 3" square x 3/8" deep hole in her back and was missing almost all of her back feathers. I used blue Kote for 2 days then got Vetericyn for a horse so I started using it on the hen. After 2 weeks, almost all her feathers have grown back and I can't hardly tell her from the other 3 Barred Rocks. The rooster however, is just starting to get his feathers back and there was no broken skin on him. Too bad he wouldn't get close enough for me to spray him with the Vetericyn.

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