canadian geese-how can I tell whats a male or female???


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11 Years
Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
So I have a friend who I trying to help out. She owns 3 canadian geese. One is sitting on a large clutch of eggs 15? I think she has all girls and the momma is sitting on a nest waiting to exploid. She has never had them hatch a gosling nor has she ever tried to incubate the eggs to check for fertility..So I am hoping you awesome folks can show me hptos of your boys and girls and tell me what the difference is so I can tell her what she has?

thanks so much!!!
I just realized that after researching a tad more:( They are 2 years old and not handled much so I am NOT going to vent sex them hahaha--the eggs are due this weekend so we'll see !!!!

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