Cancel MM chick order? *Update*


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Mar 21, 2008
I called MM and asked them about cancellation/guarantee and they told me about the problems(AE) that they had had, that everything should be taken care of, state vets had been notified since it was reportable, etc. And that they will take care of anything if the birds show symptoms even after a couple of weeks(for AE) I decided to keep my order and hope for the best. We don't have any other birds here at the moment so we will see how these are and then decide what to do from there! Thanks for the input!

I am expecting my order next week(ship week is 3/31) but now reading all of the info on the sick birds(mine are all delawares and are listed in some that are sick) I am thinking maybe I need to cancel my order and find somewhere else to order from(unfortunately everywhere I have looked is sold out of dellies
) What do you think?? (if it matters we are in an area with HIGH levels of commercial poultry farms....)
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Keep your order. You will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel now since it is so late. I bet your chicks will be fine. I have a large order coming next week too and I am not afraid. Many people are not experiencing any problems with thier chicks. Do not let the hysterics of others frighten you. If for some reason you do have problems MM will refund your money or ship new chicks, which ever you prefer. ANY hatchery can have problems, please remember that.
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Hey Adam, don't you think "hysterics" is kind of harsh?

AUFan, I don't know what to tell you. Yes, any hatchery can have problems and now that they are aware, I'm sure they're taking extra precaution (at least I would hope so).

When you get your order, I would make sure they have no contact with any other chickens. That is why I have been "hysterical" because I mixed them in with others that I had hatched and I was afraid the whole brooder had been exposed and would be sick.

Good luck!


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Aug 5, 2007
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I would not risk it. Probably and most likely are not very reassuring when it is evident they have had an issue. I cannot imagine going thru losing those babies and having to cull the rest.
If they charge a cancellation fee (which I highly doubt as they are going to want your business later on) it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


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Mar 12, 2008
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If it were me, I would probably cancel, at least until you know for certain that this whole AE thing is over and done with.
My MM chicks are 19 days old now and fine, however this situation has caused me a great deal of anxiety, waiting and wondering if my chicks were/are going to be affected. True something like this could happen anywhere , but there is a KNOWN problem right now at MM. why risk it?
Just my 2 cents.

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Any hatchery can have trouble but, right now we know that MM is having problems. Hopefully they will be able to get things straightened out soon. I for one would cancel if it were me. Why? I get real attached to animals and if I had to go through what some of the others have been and are going through I would be heart broken (not saying they aren't). I just could not knowingly set myself up for that. It really matters what you feel you are up to dealing with. If you think you can handle taking care of the chicks if they get sick then go for it. If you don't think you could handle it then cancel your order.

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