candeling questions are all my eggs quitters?

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14 Years
May 9, 2009
Ok so i told myself that i was not going to candle at all but then i got really nervous and said that i would just candle a few. I candled a total of 4. I would like to have more experienced minds tell me if what i was seeing was correct. I put them in on May 31st. These were shipped mix batch of silkie eggs. This is also my first time incubating and i'm using a brower top hatch.

"A" was clear with a dark yolk part... I'm thinking that it was either a yolker or an early early quitter. (My flashlight wasn't the brightest so I could have missed things.) "B" was completely dark with just an air sac. I can't see anything in it at all... Is this a bad egg? It does not smell... Maybe my nose isn't working. "C" looked just like the appropriate university photo for the day but there was no movement. Do they sleep? Did it quit yesterday? I coudn't see any veining. and "D" looked like a bigger version of "C" but it also had a much larger air sac. Once again it was not moving.

So i guess i'd like to know if they sleep? maybe i just missed the veining as i was using a regular flashlight with a hole in some cardboard? Should I candle the rest to see if I have a dead half developed flock? Right now i have put back all 4 eggs and i'm just waiting for one more week... this sunday should tell. What are the odds that what I candled was not going to be what I expected to see out of a shipped batch of eggs?

Thanks so much.
#1 sounds like it didn't develop very far, but the other 3 sound like they have chicks in them. I have a terrible time seeing veins and movement, but I know that when all I see is a dark mass and air cell after 14 or 15 days incubation that it is a chick!
Thank you
I'm glad I put them back in the incubator then.
I will not touch them until Sunday.... hopefully by then i will have some answers!
we i first started i was told sometimes you have to watch an egg for up to 30 seconds before they move. and if they are brown or green eggs you will have a harder time seeing them with just a regular flashlight. white eggs are a lot easier to see.
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