Candle or not to candle?


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Shippensburg, PA
8 Narragansett eggs in incubator. One started to hatch yesterday, but died in the process. One hatched today, no problems at all. They were put in incubator on 4/1/13. Should I candle remaining 6 to see what is going on if anything? Thanks
I would not at this point. Make sure your humidity is right and your temperature is correct. If no more hatch by tomorrow night I'd call it a day with that lot then review what might have gone wrong (as in temps, humidity, calibration of thermometers/hygrometers, age of eggs, etc.)

Did you candle at any earlier points?
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Yes, I did candle throughout. Our Narragansett hen is only a year old. This would have been the first batch that were fertile. We kept the humidity where it should be and the temp also. We will back track and see where we might have messed up. Should
So the other 6 are just sitting there, no pips at all? I think I'd candle them to see what's going on.

If any are pipped, I'd leave them alone.

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