candled, not sure what I should see

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  1. Today is day 7 for my eggs.I candled today and some eggs you can see a black blob in it it.I assume that is the chicken but I could be wrong.Its floating around the top of the egg.It moves when the egg is moved.I cannot see through some of the darker eggs very well.On the majority I can see what I am assuming is an air sac about half way up the egg.On a couple I can see a ring going around the egg.Is that what people are calling a blood ring? On some I can see veining. I don't know what is good and what is bad. I plan to do it again in a few days and would like to know what the standard is for theses.
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    This is a question from a candeling absolutely necessary or just so you can follow along and make sure the eggs are viable?

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