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    I have missprissy's flashlight and I see..."stuff". I have searched BYC and have seen other's "stuff". I want to know what you should be able to see at 8 days, 14 days, 18 days. Good and bad. I just candled my eggs and in one I see a large dark spot. In another I see an air sack. Mine are at 10 days today. My sweet dh laughed when I was sniffing the eggs in the bator looking for possible bad ones. He came around the corner to the room we keep the bator and my head was in the bator and my hiney was stickin out. He thinks there has got to be a better way to do this. I would also like to know when you can see movement.

    I think it may be easier to just have the eggs sonogramed. Is that possible??? LOL.
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    link will show you day by day what you should see inside the egg when candling. There are lots of different angles. The air cell is not visable in all of them but you should get an idea of what you should be seeing. The air cell will get larger as the days go by even if the chick is not developing. That is due to evaporation.
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    Thanks for the link...

    I looked at the site and the ones I have where the light goes through the egg on the top and on the bottom with a dark section in the middle must be good eggs. The ones I have that you can see through most of the egg are my ??? I thought the ones with the dark section were "bad" eggs. I really hope they are good. I would really like all of them to be good...but since this is my first hatch I seriously doubt I could be so lucky.

    When can I be lucky enough to see movement?
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    If they are not sleeping they will be moving. Dont think because you dont they are bad they sleep alot. At ten days if you catch them right they could be bouncing up and down like a yo yo. they could just be swimmiing along. they are active at 10 days. Just hold you light there for a few seconds and sometimes the light will get them moving. It is amazing when you see them. If you have dark masses in your eggs that means good. If the light passes right through the whole egg it is not viable. At day 14 make sure to remove any clear eggs.
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    If you see "blobs" that is good [​IMG]

    Dont toss any in till at least day 14 by then you will know if they are bad eggs (you wont see a blob)

    As far as movement goes being on day 10 the chicks are getting bigger so you might not see tons and tons of movement, dont stress if you dont !!

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