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8 Years
May 18, 2011
I am a first-time egg incubator and am anticipating candling my eggs for the first time in about a week. I do not own a dedicated candler or flashlight, and am looking for recommendations for a setup that will be effective in evaluating light brown eggs. I am open to making a DIY candler, but am not sure what amount of light output I would need in a flashlight. A commercial candler would also be an option, especially if it's not much more expensive than a functional flashlight.
Many thanks!
I purchased an led flashlight that puts out 144 lumens. It was $25, but figured I could also keep it around for all the other times when I'm not incubating. It is about 6 inches long, and is very easy to cup my hand around the light with the egg sitting cradled in my hand. I don't know how it compares to an actual candler, but that's what we bought.
i made a rectangular box, with a light fixture attached to the end that comes off. i put a 100-watt-replacement flourescent (think it's like 63 actual watts). used a lamp cord i purchased from menards and added a roller switch too. after it was all together, figured out where the bulb would sit, then used a hole saw to cut the whole. added some foam strips (like the stuff you add for a weather seal around windows/doors) around the whole, cutting slits around the outside so it would wrap around the whole (this keeps light from leaking out around the egg, and permits different positioning of the egg without leakage).

i've using it on turkey eggs and brown chicken eggs and it has worked excellent!

it's even cheaper if you can find straight boards in your local lumber center's discount wood pile (i paid 63 cents per 4' board). i already had the ceramic light fixture, just had to purchase the electrical box to mount the fixture to (1.27), the cord (2.39), the switch (1.50), the bulb (5 something) and the wood. i used 1x6's and 1x8's (the 8's make for a square box, 2 sides were 8's, the adjacent sides were 6's, with 8's on the ends).

i've got probably around 10 bucks into this, and it works beautifully.
1. Multi-bulbed LED Flashlight from the dollar tree worked but didn't last.

2. Cree Flashlight from ebay 5.95. Worked Great still use periodically.

3. Made my own-- waste of time and materials.

4. Received Brinsea egg candler-free to me but worth 59.95-- Amazing.
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I can't tell you exactly what it is, but I bought a little silver Energizer LED flashlight recently - I think 130 lumens? - and it's fantastic. I can even see through the Black Copper Marans dark brown eggs! Of course, I don't candle until lockdown so it's obvious by then. It was probably $25-$30 at Target.
I use a small led flashlight with multiple bulbs and an empty tp roll, all available around the house and works well, even for tiny silkie eggs.
I JUST wrote a blog entry about the BEST egg candler I've ever used, bar none (including the fancy, expensive candlers on the market). Oh, and it only cost $1.99!! You don't have to make ANY contraption at all, just hold the egg in your hand as shown. I was candling blue, Ameraucana eggs in the photos.

Good luck with your hatch!!!
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You can use regular compact flourescent light bulb. If you have Costco near by, they carry 3 pack high intensity 150 lumens for under $20. I purchased a set for $16 after instant rebate on 5/21.
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