Candling Brown Eggs - I NEED HELP!!

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    I have 8 day old brown (ISA Brown/Rhode Island Red) eggs that I am wanting to candle. When I look at them I can see small veins, but nothing else. Looking online, it says I should be seeing the eye, and small spine of an embryo.

    Any suggestions?
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    What you see in the egg can depend on the power of your candling light. Also, embryos can look different at different positions in the egg. Sometimes they're moving around; sometimes they're not. Candling is never an exact science, it's just a good estimate on how your babies are growing, how the air cells are growing, and whether or not the embryos are alive. As long as your air cells are growing well, and there is good healthy veining in the egg, I wouldn't be concerned. Always check to make sure your incubator is functioning right and that the temperature is correct (have several accurate thermometers.)
    In this chart, the day 8 embryo is merely a black circle and shadow with veins around it

    Blood rings, blood "halos," and loose material floating around in an egg w/o veins are signs of death.

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