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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bigdawg, Jun 6, 2011.

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    i am at day 13 of incbating duck eggs. i cannot see veining of any kind. i should be seeing alot of veing by now, correct. these eggs were give to me to incubate. i dont know the history of the eggs, how old ect. i realy dont think any of them are any good. 68 eggs. please help, anyone. i have had alot of great hatches. first time with duck eggs.
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    Quote:Yes, I would think by this point you should see something, but not necessarily a lot of veining. But, do you think its possible the shell color is interfering with your vision of what's going on. What color are the shells -- white, tan, or green? And, what are you using to candle -- is it sufficiently bright? Are you doing it in a really dark room? And, is there some kind of way to concentrate the beam of light. I use an LED rechargeable light with a superbright bulb, and I often put a piece of aluminum foil with about a dime-sized hole in the middle over the bulb end, so that I have just a small area which sits flush against the shell -- light going "around" the shell washes out the image of what you can see inside.

    I wouldn't give up just yet.

    I guess with 68, the other option might be to take one and crack it just to see, after candling again of course.

    Maybe they just aren't fertile and the person didn't know that, or some other event occurred which killed them, like overheating?
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    Jun 28, 2009
    middle tenn
    they are white and green. i can see what looks to be the yolk. but zero veining. i am using a 5 bulb led flashlight. i can see in my guinea and turkey eggs just fine. this incubator i have duck and peafowl eggs in it. the temps have been rock solid so far. i am using a brisea spot check thermometer and a springfield thermometer/humidty combo. i am going to give them another week before i toss them. i should see movement by day 21.
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