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Jun 25, 2008

We have our first broody hen and are very excited. We just moved her into a new, protected brooder box that is on the ground tonight. We also candled the eggs, which are 5 days old.

We didn't see anything with 7 of these eggs. We could not see through our EE egg (green - too dark?).

My question is - we used a small LED flashlight. Is it possible that it was not strong enough? It looked like NOTHING was there - not even a unfertle yolk.
Could she be sitting on 8 unfertilized eggs?

We have 8 hens and 1 roo - should be a good set up for fertile eggs, right? He sure is working on that!
I could see 1-2 not being fertile-maybe?? but I bet your light was not nearly bright enough--Id look for a much stronger one and wait a few more days to look-I bet you see some veining and movement then..good luck~
if they are unfertilized eggs they will glow like a night light. you should be ok with one roo as long as his is do his thing. wait for a few more days and look again. at day 10 is when i deciede to get rid of them and put news ones in place.
Candling can be hard, especially so early. I always wait a bit longer, like day 9-12 to candle and cull infertile eggs, so there is no way I can miss anything. Use a stronger light and wait a bit, then try again. If you're unsure, and you can get good pics and you could try to post them and see what others think (although this may be tricky).
Give them some more time. After several more days, compare a newly laid egg to the ones being incubated, (candle both). Do your candling where it is dark, even if you have to wait till night. That will help with the small light problem.

I candle every day!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah, I'm impatient....

I STOLE hubby's maglight and put it on the concentrated beam.....Day 18 is wednesday and I almost can't see through them anymore, but it works!!!
Thank you! We will get a better flashlight, wait a few more days and do it when it is completely dark (it wasn't totally dark when we did it).

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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