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    Sep 22, 2014
    Ok all I have 50 eggs going right now in our dickey incubator they were put in last Saturday morning . My question is should I pull the whole tray out candle all the eggs then put the tray back in the incubator? How quick should I try and get each egg candled?
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    Hi there.

    I am by no means an expert, but I find that if you are well prepared before hand it really doesn't take long to candle the eggs. I did it two nights ago in our coop at dusk while my hubby nursed my broody hen, and I got 9 candled in under 3 minutes!

    Lay out a big fluffy towel on your bench, doubled over, to protect the eggs (just in case you drop one). Don't laugh - it happens!

    Have your torch, with fresh batteries, on stand-by.

    Place a basket with a towel in it to the side, so you can pop any rejects safely in there.

    Make sure you have a pencil handy so you can mark any questionable eggs to be re-checked at a later date.

    Only then should you remove your tray from the incubator. Start to work your way along each row, candling each egg carefully. It really should only take a few second per egg - once I spot veins and a black blob I'm happy.

    Good luck!

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    Very well explained
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    Hi honey
    I was looking for our thred on Peepers.. I can't seem to find it. How is Peepers doing? I have been thinking about him lately.
    Hope all is well!


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