Candling Goose Eggs? When, What Should They Look Like??.............


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Jan 2, 2011
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I purchased some Pilgrim goose eggs last weekend. Put them in the incubator on Sunday evening. (May 15) I've never tried this before - soooooo when do you candle them and what should they look like?? In other words, if they are fertile, when will I see some growth?
Since they take 28 days to hatch (instead of the 21 days for chicken eggs), I would candle them around day 10. You should see veins and maybe some movement by then.

Another thing that helps is if you lightly mist them with lukewarm water once a day.
I'm guessing they're not shipped eggs, but you might want to candle just to make sure the air cell is intact. If it's loose there are things you can do to give it a better chance.
That's great. My local eggs have done great but this year every shipped egg has been rattled. Finally getting a few good hatches with careful incubating. I've gotten used to candling before I set them.

You might be able to see veins by now.

Duckles has provided a link to a previous thread to guide you with candling. If you click below my avatar on 'View My BYC Page' then there are other helpful incubation links there.

Good luck

Pete 55 has the BEST goose egg candling thread on the web IMHO!
Just follow the link above to see some outstanding and clear candling pics. I started to see a faint dark spot in some of my eggs at five and six days, but I recommend waiting till at least day 10 before throwing any out. I've even held off till day 14 before removing infertiles, just to be EXTRA SPECIALLY SURE! But that's just me.
I found an egg at the park and I don't know what it's supposed to look like. I've had it for three days now. I tried candling it but all I see is this dark strip through the middle and the sides are clear... I don't know if it's still good or not.

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