Candling Indian Runner

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Draga Devia

In the Brooder
6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
Hi everybody.

I received 10 Shipped eggs about 8 days ago and i set them in my incubator about 6 days ago.
I candled on day 4 and on 10 Duck eggs 4 aren't fertile in 1 there was a meat spot and the other 4 had blood rings...
I have just only 1 remaining (again) and this one looks relly healthy and strong. On day 4 it was full of veins and i could see the heart beating sometimes. And today on day 6 I saw a tiny eye and a phone shaped embryo and as I shined the light it ''dances''.
But it has a deformed air sac because of the shipping... What could go wrong from now on??
I am worried because of the bad experience and this is the first time that I had one with a beating heart ...

When should I candle again to see it's ok?
I hope for some advice

Greetings from Germany

Could someone please help me?
I am at day 8 and I can't really see the embryo . I sometimes see a little dark thing with a little black dot that moves (or floats) but most of the times it's hiding ? There are a LOT of veins around it and it looks like there is Amniotic fluid in it..
Or maybe my flashlight is not strong enough?
What are the signs that the duckling is dead??
I'm really sorry Draga Devia but I just found your questions today. I know it is a bit late now but I hope your duck hatched? I breed Indian Runners in Slovenia so if you would like any information or eggs please let me know.

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