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  1. I am going to try to use my large, rechargable Maglight to candle with. I need to adapt it somehow as the lens area is roughly 2" across (diameter). I guess I need some type of black rubber gasket, with a hole in it or something. Anyone have suggestions. Thanks
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    Before my husband built me a candler, i used a flashlight and just cupped my hand around the end of the light and the egg. it worked pretty good just hope you are not clumsy!!
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    This sounds weird but a bicycle handlebar "handle-grip"...get a cheap black one (pair) at WalMart and cut out the one solid end. Push your small MagLight into it...lay the egg on top (the already open end) and presto!
    Its "padded" and makes a good seal around light and egg.

    The large MagLight won't work obvious...but works with the small ones.
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