Candling on Day 18!So excited!!!!!!

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    Feb 23, 2011
    So I made a big production of it. Lined the kids up in a dark room in the basement, did the eggs in batches. [18 total] Here are the Results!![​IMG]
    [got smart and numbered the eggs, finally!][​IMG]

    1: small white: LIVE movement!! [​IMG]
    2: small white: Live Movements [​IMG]
    3: small lght brown: Maybe: airsack, dark mass [​IMG]
    4: Died early stages
    5: Live: Movement [​IMG]
    6: Live: Movement! [​IMG]
    7: Live: movement! [​IMG]
    8: Live: Movement! [​IMG]
    9: Died, early stages
    10: Maybe, arisack, dark space
    11: LIVE, Movements [​IMG]
    12: Live, Movement! [​IMG]
    13: LIVE: Movement [​IMG]
    14: drk brown: Maybe, airsack, dark space
    15: Green egg: Mabye, airsack, dark space
    17:light green: LIVE movement! [​IMG]
    18 CRACKED,Green Egg, Maybe, airsack, dark mass. Now this egg cracked at 1 week incuabation, so if a dark mass means later development and later demise, then this egg survived the initial crack. Or its a bad egg with airsack and mass of rotten.

    Total: 10 confirmed LIVE eggs [​IMG][​IMG]
    6 Maybes [​IMG]
    2 Died [​IMG]

    I'm going to candle a confirmed live one more time when my dh can video tape it for me [today] and then we go on LOCKDOWN!!![​IMG]

    walking on air-
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    Apr 27, 2009
    Tonasket Wa
    cool! I LOVE candling eggs! [​IMG]
    I have trouble seeing in certain green eggs I have too.
    I once dropped an egg a few days before lockdown, and it had several many small cracks in it, so i sealed it up by dripping candle wax on it....and it hatched! it was a day later than the others in that batch, but it did hatch

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