Candling on day 5??


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Mar 11, 2007
I have been candling a select few eggs every night when I turn them fo rth epast few days. Today is day 6. Can I candle all of them today? Does anybody have pics of what healthy growing chick on day six egg should look like? Also, any photos of what blood rings look like on day 6? And what about those ones with all the air bubbles? What is that caused by? Fertile or not? Is day 6 too early to candle them? Pics, opinions and experiences please!!!!!
EDIT: I just calculated again and it's only day 5. Oops.
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Poison Ivy

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May 2, 2007
Naples, Florida
You will see veins on day 6 in light colored shells. In darker eggs you might have to wait till day 10 to see anything. A blood ring is one that has a red ring going round the egg you can't miss it unless the egg is darker in color. If you see air bubbles most likely the air cell is busted. This site has pictures of candling showing the egg in stages.
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