candling please help

no, i was just looking at how many posts you had made and got it mixed up with candle days. you can candle now but if you find some you are not sure about then you should recandle in a few more days
do you know how? i use a flash light with a paper towel holder taped to the end w/ black tape so it concentrates the light better. just a couple inches of it will do.
Here's a quail egg around day 3

And one day 5/6

I just a small led flashlight
I take a dime and trace it on the bottom of a small cardboard box. Then I cut the circle out, and place the egg on top of the hole. Small LED flashlight underneath the box works like a charm, as it doesn't produce heat like the candle that came with my incubator. Last night was lock down for my bobwhite eggs, and for the first time, I was clearly able to see a defined air cell. Then I was bummed out at how easy they were to view compared to Cots; made me wish I had candled at day 12 or so to view the veins and development of the chick inside. I should have took a picture of my set up.

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