candling quail eggs and incubation?

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  1. when u candle them can u see in them? how do u candle them? just wondering because i plan on hatching some. how do u incubate them? temp? humidity? they are Pharoah quail eggs

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    Nope. Candling quail eggs is a waste of time and effort. Just put them in lockdown 3 days before hatch date. If you still have unhatched eggs 2-3 days after the original hatch date, do a float test. Fill a bowl half full of 99 degree F water and place the eggs into the water. Let the water become still and watch for any wiggling of individual eggs. Wiggling indicates a live embryo and should be put back in the bator. If the egg floats especially high, it's bad. The egg should float with just a millimeter or 2 above water, those should be put back in the bator as well but only if they don't smell. After about 4 days past hatch date and there are no wigglers, I eggtopsy the leftovers. Quail egg hatch rates higher than 50% are considered quite successful.

    There's a ton more information on quail in the quail section.
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    You can candle quail eggs as i do it . i hatch lots of quail and dont have any problem . what i do is wait till day 14 when they go in lockdown i use a led flashlight i made a small end out of soft rubber tubing that just fits over the end of the egg. i candle in the turner by touching the tubing to the end of the egg . all im looking for is clear eggs. the clear eggs will show as being almost green glow.. you need a bright light and the more lumen the better. of course the more lumen it puts out the more expensive it is. you can get a nice little led light at wal mart for about 15 bucks . its made by coleman..hope this helps
  4. will the led flashlight i use on my chicken eggs work? and can they be put in with chicken eggs?

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    I have 7 cooking with some chicken eggs, temp is at 99 F and humidity is around 40%, you should up the humidity at lockdown to about 60%. I use a mini Maglight to candle the quail eggs, they're at about 8 days now and I can see the embryos moving and well defined veins. The heavily marked eggs are harder.
    I wouldn't write off an egg that glows greenish, with cots the inner part of the shell can be blue giving the egg a tint. If it's 8-10 days into incubation and it's green with no visible sign of development then it's a dud.
    Check out the quail forum.
  6. ok thank u. my eggs from my quail are blue with brown dots. ill go check out the quail thread

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