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    Jul 10, 2010
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    I set 22 runner eggs on 28 March and filled up the rest of the bator with chicken and bantam chicken eggs on 04 April.
    Went into school today to check on the eggs and brought my camera to try to take pics. Eh, but we managed to get a couple pics.

    I think 1 of the duck eggs quit - or never really started I guess. The rest look similar to this one - and you can see stuff moving which was kind of weird.

    The chicken eggs seem to just be starting - some show nothing, some show the slightest sign of veins and others have a bit more vein and even a dark spot in them.
    Chicken eggs (only the bantam ones showed anything - the normal ones were still showing nada)



    I'll candle a few with the kids on Wednesday, but probably won't be able to manage to take pics while doing that.
    These are about what they should look like, correct? We've had a few issues so far, but it seemed like not long enough to have caused issues - and the eggs have changed - hopefully in the right direction.

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