11 Years
Nov 10, 2008
This is my first try at a hatch. When do you candle and what do you look for? Do you candle the eggs under a broody or just in the incubator? Is it ok to just leave them be and see what happens and not candle?
Great post about Candeling, and ect!

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I'm a newbi and asking questions too.... Just saw this one!
You can candle for both i believe. This is my first hatch to. What was recomended to me was not to candle until day 18. I am using an incubator. Opening and closing the lid alot is a no no LOL. I did candle 1 egg real quick when i went to add more water to my bator. It was developing Yay! I am too afraid to candle any more right now so i am just waiting until day 18 when i take them out of the turner. They are gonna hatch if they are gonna hatch. might as well play it safe and wait. Thats just my opinion
Good luck and happy hatching!!!

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