11 Years
Jun 10, 2008
Weare, NH
I am on day 6 right now and i tried to candle the eggs and i see nothing! I broke one open and it looked like a reg egg. Does that mean my eggs are not fertile? When I candled them it looked like a blob of air following me on wherever i turned the eggs. It would stay on the top. Is this normal?
Im confused....
I'm certainly no expert but I would wait a few more days at least and then look at them again. Day 6 is always hard for me to tell anything.
the blob of air might be normal this is my first time candling im now on day 12 i think anyway the first time i candled i had an air pocket moving around went back at 9 days and i had babys give it tell 10 and look agian
Do you mean the air wouldn't stay on the top? Are these shipped eggs? If so, the air sac probably got broken loose. I would say they are probably no good, but I would also wait until day 10-14 to throw them away. At day 6, you should be able to see something like a small shadow, or the bottom half of the egg would be somewhat darker than the top. At day 14, the middle of the egg would be completely dark, with the air sac on the big end, and some clear area on the pointed end.

<edit> The air sac shouldn't move around, but there are some that have hatched that way...Good luck!
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So the air sac is at the larger part of the egg or the pointer part? Yes these were shipped eggs. Some of them the bubble follows me wherever i move the egg and some are staying at the larger part of the egg.
Yeah if they were shipped, I would say they probably got scrambled. The USPS really does a number on hatching eggs. I just had to toss 11 of 17 quail eggs that were shipped, for that very reason.

The air sac should stay in the large end of the egg, and not move when you turn the egg around. I would wait till day 14 to toss any away though, just to be sure.
Well I will just have to check on them later...That will really stink if they are no good. I have been extra careful with these eggs because I really wanted some SLW chicks. I also have some Buff Orp eggs I bid on egg bid and the guy said they were shipped out on the 6th and they STILL havent come in the mail!! They are going to sit at the post office now! GRR I guess it was all just a waste of Money.
Have you tried the BST section? You should try that, or if there is a NH thread in the 'where am I?' forum. SLW's seem like they are failry common, at least in this area, maybe someone close to you would have some eggs or chicks you could get, if these don't work out. Then you could possibly pick them up, and wouldn't have to worry about the P.O. playing football with them, or whatever it is they do.

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