Canning Green Beans


10 Years
Sep 24, 2010
New Orleans, LA
I did my first picking of my green beans last week. This year, instead of freezing them, I thought I'd give canning a try. Following the instructions in the Ball Complete Book, I washed & snapped the beans, boiled the beans for 5 minutes, packed them in quart jars, and pressure canned them for 25 minutes at 10 lbs. I was so looking forward to using this method. Well, I opened a jar last night, and the beans were like mush. Much, much softer than the ones you buy in the cans. I guess I like my veggies a little more crisp-tender. DH though they tasted just fine, but I really can't eat them this way.

Is this normal for canned green beans to turn out so very soft? If it is, I guess I'll have to go back to freezing them.
I cold pack my green beans. They do not turn out mushy, you might try that next time. But then I don't like frozen green beans, they never taste done to me so it might just be a personal preference and you will end up freezing yours. Good luck.

This above website mentions raw pack green beans. They would be less mushy this way I would assume. I can't remember which way I did it a few years back, but mine were not mushy.

I would try again using a bona fide canning recipe (from a good reputable source). I have a ball book too- that is as reputable as they get. See if it has a raw pack recipe?
Thanks so much to everyone who said to cold-pack my green beans. I did a test run with 4 pints jars today & they came out delicious!! I guess canning them raw, cold-pack is the way to go!
Has anyone who cold packs snap beans found a difference in shelf life? I have always done hot pack method, thought the benefit was a higher quality with longer shelf life. But we always eat ours in less than a year.

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