8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
Round O, SC
So the hubby and I are planning on canning some more things this year!

We've previously done green beans and tomatoes, but would love to add many more options!

Any Suggestions? Favorites? Horrible Trials? I'd love to know!
Last year I did pickled beets, a couple of relishes, spaghetti sauce and apple butter. I've been drooling over my Ball blue book all winter and dreaming of what this year will bring! Being pregnant will put a damper on my gardening this year (I'm having trouble bending over already) but we have a wonderful local farmers' market where I can get bushels and bushels of wonderful things to put up.
Zucchini Relish sounds interesting, and we will have plenty of it this year in the garden! I never thought about beets - my mother cringes at the thought of them
So I didn't have them much growing up, but my DH would LOVE you for that idea! Thank you, Chickie1976!


Apple butter sounds great! My grandparents bring me some from the Apple Barn every year, love it!
And congrats on being pregnant!
Thanks for the ideas!
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I Will Be Doing The Same This Year. My Dad's Friend Gave Me 6 Dozen Canning Jars, A Huge Stock Pot, And Some Other Canning Goodies A Few Years Ago And I've Been Dying To Plant My Big Garden. Finally We Have Acreage To Do So Now. How Many More Days For Your Chickies To Come???
A week from yesterday!

I already told my boss that I was out for the day as SOON as they came in

She just rolld her eyes and laughed!

And for you!?!?!?
Oh dear. Could you please turn off the caps lock? That's the internet equivalent to shouting/screaming. Thanks! (unless you have eye problems, then it's perfectably acceptable, just let people know)

I have found that there are a lot of things I can do, never thought I could. I can handle a chainsaw and many smaller power and hand tools after all. Have you thought about doing it yourself? Much easier than whining and putting on the pouty face every day!

BTW, this thread is about canning. My theory is that if I can catch it, it will be canned. Especially a slow moving cucumber. Nothing better than a crisp pickle in December!
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