Can't believe they hatched

Sugar Sand Farm

12 Years
Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
Had 20 eggs in the incubator. Everything was fine until day 19. Woke up to the incubator at 94 degrees. I could hear chriping but I thought they would die . Didn't know what to do so we took a brooder light with a 60 watt bulb in it. Put in over the window to try to get the temp up. It worked it went up to 100 degrees. We maneovered the light around and added more sponges to increase humidity. Took a quick trip into town to pick up another incubator. We set up that incubator and tried to get the temp adjusted. That took several hours. In the meantime 3 little baties hatched under the light and two more pipped. Finally got the new incubator up and running and moved the eggs into it. This morning jthree more eggs have hatched and two more have pips. I can't believe after all that opening the incubator and losing heat and humidity they hatched OK. Today is day 21 so hopefully a few more with make it. But if not I will not complain I have 6 little miracle babies in the brooder. Just goes to show there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to hatching.
That is great! Congratulations!

Were these from your own hens or were they shipped eggs?

When I hatch out my own, they are survivors.

Shipped eggs don't seem to handle much stress for me.
They were from my own chickens. Unfortunately the ones I really wanted to hatch have not yet. Hopefully at least one will. If not I will try again.
It can be amazing what they will survive - glad so many made it! Here's hoping...

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