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    I have two roosters, with one clearly being the dominant rooster. Mr. B was mating with Buffy so much that she seemed to give up - wouldn't walk around & steadily gained weight. Miss Brodie is sweet on Charlie the other rooster & refused to let Mr. B mate with her anymore. So I decided to separate them, putting Charlie & the two girls in their own coop in the front yard & leaving Mr. B with six girls in the back yard coop. I left everyone in their coops for a week to get settled. Buffy improved almost immediately. My problem now is everytime I let everyone out for free ranging, Mr. B comes up front, messes with Charlie (who is so gentle) & tries to get the two girls to come to the backyard coop (which they have no desire to). He seems very insistent about it despite the number of times I've made him return to the backyard with the other girls. How do I get Mr. B to realize they are not his girls anymore & to leave them alone? I also have seven pullets I'm integrating with Charlie's Angels in the front yard so I'm trying to stop Mr. B's bad behavior.
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    You should not free range the two flocks together. Let the backyard ones out for an hour, then put them back in and let the front yard chickens free range. Thats all the info I can give you. Good Luck!
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    You can't, it's between the to range the flocks separately, as already suggested.
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