8 Years
Mar 14, 2012
Central Texas
I'm going to get a trio of turkeys next spring to breed for use on the table and to sell what I cant use. I like the Bourbon Reds, The Narragansett and the Royal palm. There is also a unimproved bronze I really like but they are extremely rare. What do you think about a mixed trio. Maybe a BR Tom with a Narragansett hen and a RP hen. Would these mix well or should I just stick to purebred birds. Id like to have a little variety and color in the back yard, and I don't have the room for 3 separate trios. What 3 would make nice offspring? Any input would be great. And how about some pictures of your adult mutts.

Oregon Blues

8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Central Oregon
I'm not quite sure what an "unimproved bronze" is. There is a "standard bronze" which is a heritage turkey. I don't think they are any more rare than any other heritage turkey breed.

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