cant get corrid is sulmet just as good?

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    Well I am having my first bout with cocci...someone has started to poop dark red really bloody poo...bad thing is I am sure there all exposed now even though it looks like its just one bird doing it so I am going to treat all of them. I cannot get corrid but the feed store has sulmet.will that work as well? I just got medicated chick starter that has the ampolium in it and gave them some, can I give them the sulmet at the same time I am giving the medicated chick feed? Any advice will be helpful. Thanks JEN
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    Sending you well wishes for your chicks. Never have had to deal with this yet, so I do not know about the sulmet vs. corrid [​IMG] sorry.
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    Sulmet is much harder on their systems, but if that's the only thing you can get, use it if you know they have cocci. It can make their intestines bleed longer than necessary so it's recommended to always use Corid first. Medicated starter has amprolium, which is a thiamine analog, not an antibiotic so Sulmet, which is a sulfa drug, shouldn't be an issue while using the medicated feed. I just never had good luck with Sulmet, which is not effective against one type of cocci (there are 9)
  4. Your local vet should carry Corrid ,I think it is stronger and clears it up faster . If Sulmet is all you can get ,its fine . It works well too just seams to take a lil longer in my experience with it.

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    And yes, I've read that it's OK to give medicated feed and Sulmet at the same time.

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