Can't get medicated feed- is this a problem?


9 Years
May 23, 2010
Webster City, IA
We are getting 15 bourbon red poults next week. I checked our local stores for feed, the only ones with high enough protein is the 22% Nutrena Meat bird feed. However, it is not medicated. We have lost chicks to cocci (they were not fed medicated feed but they were vaccinated) in the past so I am concerned. Is cocci as big of a problem in poults as chicks? Is there anything else I can do? I'd really hate to lose a couple birds that are $10 each!

i wouldnt put turkey poults on anything less than 26% or 28% protein feed.....
i also wouldnt feed them anything but medicated feed if i knew cocci was a big problem in the area. turkey poults are much more sensitive than chicks.

id put off getting the poults until you tracked down some higher protein medicated feed....

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