cant give a chicken away in Ms.


10 Years
May 9, 2009
I bought a guy out 3 weeks ago,and wound up with 4, 3 hens and a roo BA about 3-4 months old,that I really didnt want/need.

My son and I also did some work for an elderly lady with a mentaly challenged daughter who didnt have any money to pay so we bartered and wound up with a new set of steps for my back door and 3 roos,2 mixed game/bantam amd 1 GC(I will keep him)

I alos hatched out 19 babies half for the freezer half to sell to offset the cost of raising them

So off to the sale yesterday morning at hub city in Hattiesburg.Ms to try to recoup some of the money I had in the yard

I was asking
$1.25 each for the babies or $10.00 for the lot
$6.00 each for the BA or $20.00 for the lot
$5.00 each for the 2 mixed roos or $ 8.00 for lot

or $35.00 for the lot

when I got there about 10 people got to the truck before I could get out,I was thinking going to go home early
yeah right

when I left I was down to $30.00 for the lot and nothing sold

I saw laying hens going for $5-7.00 and breeeding rabbits for $7.00

maybe I can take up basket weaving andmaybe recoup some of that expense
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