Can't stop Ellie from pecking feathers


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Our older moody bird lays good eggs but has a history of going broody. Last time we gave her some eggs to hatch and so we how have 2 more.. You'd think the'd get along but Ellie has now decided she should not let the other 2 feed happily and she has a tendency to pluck their feathers. We feed them layers pellets and plenty of treats, have also moved them into a bigger pen but Ellie still persists. Where can I get those pinless peekers in the UK. Ive got birds half plucked for the pot! Do hope someone can help.
Many thanks, Hedgeringer.
Help HELP.. poor poor Bunty she is really pecked... Cant seem to find pinless peepers in the UK? Can anyone help please?

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