Can't tell if these are Hens or Toms


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Jul 18, 2014
I have two blue slates that are males and they fight with these two. I have gone back and forth to what they are. They have very little snoods. The one blue slate grew up with these guys or girls... and is a Tom. But if they are females why are the Toms fighting with them them?? Is it because they are different breeds? I have put them in a pen by themselves because I wasn't sure if one was female and one male even. They don't fight. The 2 blue slate Toms don't fight.

Lots of American turkeys I see are really gender neutral. :/ I'm used to seeing them showing definite gender development traits at even a few weeks old.

I think they're both male but that said that's only in comparison to American turkeys I've seen, no firsthand experience. However females tend to keep more feathering over the head and back of the neck; not that this is a sure sign though.

Would help to know how old they are.

Best wishes.
So you got them as day-olds in April? Or are you not sure of their age? Always helpful to know the age when trying to guess gender. Either way they look male to me.

Best wishes.
they were 4 weeks old in april. I don't know how old they are when they start getting there snood but the 3rd one (blue slate) already has his and a small beard. If you would like to see other pictures i can post others . they really have me guessing. i kept thinking they are male also. But i would of thought they would of had a snood by now?
Mine start getting snoods around three weeks old, but I've seen American ones with no gender differentiation at 6 months etc. :/

The degree of feather loss over the head and neck means they're likely males, but some followup pics may help.

Best wishes.
I let my turkeys out for the day when it was time to go in I just let them pick where they want to go. My older Tom went in with this one. This is what happened. Did he mate or fight?
I let my turkeys out for the day when it was time to go in I just let them pick where they want to go. My older Tom went in with this one. This is what happened. Did he mate or fight?

It's almost like there's a photo or sentence missing from your post, sorry, bit hard to make sense of what you're asking there.

Do you mean something like did he choose to move into the same cage because of a mating or a fight? Of course I can't answer that for sure either way but I've never seen a chook or turkey change roosting place to a whole new cage overnight just because of a conflict, but then again I select against scrappy birds and those who repeatedly initiate battles get the chop.

Your turkeys are probably way too young for a legitimate mating, doesn't mean some precocious adult behavior would never be expressed but I've never seen a turkey that young actually mate with an adult of either gender. I've had some young toms around that age try but they just couldn't even complete the physical process.

Best wishes.
You were right, They are both males.
I have 1 female and 3 males. 1 chicken that hangs out with the turkeys because she was not expected with all the chickens ( she's all white) they tried to kill her twice. Our farm is big enough that they all can be out on and stay on their own sides and never see each other. Lol
My hen has had 2 sets of eggs but none has gone to full term. She is now on her 3 try. She laid this batch outside the cage hoping I would stop checking on her all the time. ( I worry about her) lol I do t like leaving them out at night but for the safety of the hen I have been. Thankfully the pen is close to the house and we have a dog but that don't stop everything.
Does anyone have any good experience with letting the hen hatch out her own eggs?

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