cant wait to get eggs

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    Oct 30, 2011
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    I have 8 ladies that are about 18 weeks old have been feeding layer crumbles and cracked corn also let them out for awhile everyday, wondered how long before I get eggs. They're golden buffs and barred rocks. Thanks.

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    It varies by breed and individual within that breed. My BR started exactly at 20 weeks. I'm not sure what you mean by Golden Buff, if you mean Buff Orp, mine is 24 weeks today. She hasn't started yet, but is giving all the signs it will be within a few days.

    Patience (I know it's hard) [​IMG]

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    You will LOVE your golden buffs! Did you get them from the Meyer Hatchery in Polk Ohio? I had three of them, and they layed a large brown egg nearly every day. Wonderful hens. Mine layed at 17 weeks of age, so I'm betting you will get eggs anytime now.

    The barred rocks took a bit longer to get started. More like 25 weeks. Now, keep in mind, with the decreasing daylight hours, unless you're lighting the coop, egg production might not be so great right now.

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    My advice is simple. Limit the cracked corn to 10-20 percent of their total diet. It isn't high enough, of itself, in protein. An egg is protein, of course. If you wish, supply them with additional lighting in the pre-dawn hours. Use a timer and a small light. Fall is growing darker each day.

    Also, do not let them range in the mornings. Most pullets need to master laying where you want them to, in the laying boxes. Freedom, early in the day, can often result in laying in bushes, hidden places everywhere.
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    I was under the impression that pullets need to be on chick starter for the first 24 weeks of their life and then move to layer mash or the next choice of feed.

    Is this a myth?
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    Quote:No, it is merely a difference in choices people make. For certain, no pullet needs the high calcium of layer until they are actually laying. Laying doesn't usually begin in earnest until pullets approach 20 weeks of age, and often much later than that. There is no rush to feed the high calcium, which IS needed once a pullet forms an egg shell and passes it almost daily.

    Your view is a good approach. No layer until they lay. All that said, it usually does the pullets no harm if fed after 16-18 weeks, laying or not.

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