Can't wait to get into their coop!


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
My chickens only get to free range when I am out in the yard watching's usually the last 2hrs or so of the day....

Tonight, I was running late and ran out to let them out...I need to return to the house to get dh off to work and feed the dogs.. While packing dh's lunch I look out and see the wind has blown the run gate shut.. I finish my chores and run out to watch them until dark--roost time.. Well, I find all my chickens running the fence line, trying to get into the coop..This is so different, usually I have to shoo someone into the coop as the last bit of light slips away. I open the gate and they run into the coop and jump onto the roost...

The only thing I can think of is they felt threatened in some way.. I didn't hear anything, the dogs weren't barking but they were definitely ready to go to bed...they didn't even stop to see the pile of grass, I had placed in there...

Or could the difference be--me not sitting in my chair and the gate closed (which I leave open for them to get water/go in when they are ready?????

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