Cantalope Seeds

My girls will eat the seeds first, then the cantaloupe.
The seeds were a huge hit with my ten 8-9 week olds!
Course after reading the replies I had to go dig all the rinds out of my compost pile

Another big hit! Saving some.

They have been getting treats since 2 weeks old.
Just thought of another question I'm going to start ...
Glad they enjoyed them! Mine went bezerk over the innards of a bell pepper yesterday. I gave it to them stem and all and I'll be darned if I can find a trace of that pepper in their brooder!
The innards (what I call "glop") that comes in the center of a cantaloupe, squash, or pumpkin is a great favorite with my chickens. You can give it raw (melons) or cooked (squash or pumpkins). Last year I took the leftover Halloween pumpkins that didn't sell at the village center (they were free) and roasted each one before chopping it open and giving it to the girls. They thought it was the best thing ever!


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