Capon experiment on hold


9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
Aledo, TX
It was bound to happen, but one of my neighbors turned me in. I will be moving the flock this weekend. Depending on the new setup, I may have to reduce the total number from the current 80+ to 50. (Anybody out there want a silver or blue wheaton ameraucana rooster?) :)

I have done 20 caponizations, and I think I am getting the hang of it, so if nothing else this is valuable experience.
u must not have nice neighbors or too many chickens?
It truly was a great learning experience, for you and for many others too. Thank you for your generosity in sharing as you went along. Give this neighbor a freshly processed capon after you butcher and perhaps they'll be more understanding of your next experiment.
mstricer - probably a little of both. I do have an awful lot of chickens for a city lot but the 'hood is also a bit uptight. (HOA and all...)

I once got a registered letter requesting I remove the pink flamingos I had installed in my front garden because 'all statuary visible from the street must be approved by the HOA'. There were 2 of them - GASP!

I checked with my direct neighbors and they had no problems, must have been someone else in the 'hood heard egg-song while they were power-walking.

It's OK - I have somewhere to move the chickens, and this may be the push I need to get off my butt and move us out to the country.
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