Car sick chicken!


11 Years
Apr 24, 2008
We had to rehome a couple of our birds recently. We had to drive about two hours and my dad insisted on put the chickens in dog crate in the back of the car. I told him that they were going to be misirable sliding around on the floor of the crate and to put them in a tub full of pine shavings so they could bunch together and feel safe on the drive up. But he is VERY stubborn, so he refused to do it my way. The whole drive up, he is punching the excelorater and not breaking very smoothly. When we finally arrived at our destination, we opened the back and Millie was completely still, staring at the floor. She was definetly in shock. Lucifer didn't mind to much, he just looked around trying to figure out where in the world he was and then let out a huge cock-a-doooooo. He was extatic to see the country for the first time. But poor Lily refused to come out, she was walking back and forth. She refused to let me touch her. And finally she steped out of the cage and threw up! I felt soooo bad. I had no idea chickens could throw up. My poor baby. Now that I think about it, I crack up.
Maybe you should have let them ride with their heads out the window like my dog likes to ride. She never gets car sick.
Poor Millie. Combo of stress and car sickness is no fun. I'd be putting a few drops of Rescue Remedy in her water for a few days. If chickens can have ginger, it can be helpful for digestive upset/motion sickness.
That was pretty stupid of the driver to be so stubborn about the conditions in the crate, and then driving so erratically. Now the hens probably won't lay for weeks.
Well this was a couple of weeks ago and she is fine. After we put her in her new pen, she was fine. They all stated pecking at the grass. I guess my dad didn't think about the fact that they need to grab on to something, so they don't slip. They are not like dogs. He had their best interests at heart, he thought they would enjoy the room. I told him that they like to be bunched up in a nook, they will feel safe. He just does not believe that I know anything about anything
He wasn't really driving eraticly, he was in a rush and pulled out the gas station to close in front of the car. But just the slightest turns would make the poor things slide across the plastic bottom because there was no traction.
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