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    Just got back from the Caribbean (relax, not as glamorous as it sounds... we were crew on a missionary boat for 15 days... very beautiful place, wonderful Caribbean people, but very hot, very hard and nothing is easy)... anyway, our Captain came back from shore and told me that there were 2 hens brooding together in a large old flower pot (he knew about broodies because I had just been talking about my own hens going broody and how they acted and what that meant) and he thought I might like to go in and see them. We didn't get time to go and see them until about 3-4 days later and here is what we found...





    They had hatched within the last 24 hours (I'm thinking) because several were still not dried off & fluffed yet... so if I'd have come in any sooner I would have seen nothing but a broody hen and eggs... timing is everything... what a joy! Enjoy... I surely did! [​IMG]

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    Jun 19, 2011
    Cool, thanks for sharing. Glad your timing was right, and you saw chicks. When we went to Grand Caymond, we saw chickens everwhere.I thought it was neat seeing so many people raising chickens.
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    So cute!!!

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