Caruncle issue on Muscovy drake


Oct 6, 2019
Eastern Ontario, Canada
I noticed the caruncle on the top of my drakes beak has changed. Looks sort of like an overcooked marshmallow. Could frost bite be the cause? Should I be worried? I was already a little concerned about it growing over his nostrils. I just know someone is going to suggest I catch him for a closer look. Poor Jack. Noting good has ever come from being caught. :rolleyes:
Side question. How do I make my thread title in bold print.


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There definitely appears to be some frostbite going on there. Out of all breeds, muscovies can be particularly vulnerable to the development of frostbite, this is especially true in males where caruncles are larger, and better exposed to the environment. I wouldn't touch that area, as it's likely painful. Ensure coop is draft-free, soft padded, with plenty of ventilation, as humidity can play a big role in the development of frostbite.
Thanks for the advice. We have had a few cold days, but nothing like it is going to be Jan to Mar. The ducks are allowed into a large fenced area, attached to the coop, during the day. I have noticed they are spending more time inside given the choice. I think I'll have to be more diligent about poop/moisture buildup in the coop.

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