Cat attacked my Serama Roo


Aug 23, 2015
Hello everyone,
On Thursday morning a huge tom cat grabbed my serama rooster Rex and ripped out a ton of feathers and left him with cuts under both wings. We chased the cat off, caught a very frightened Rex and brought him in.
I've been caring for him the past few days. I cleaned his wounds with saline and triple strength neosporin and repeat this everyday.
I get him to drink water with electrolytes in it about every hour and up to today I could tempt him eat with sunflower seeds, scrambled yolk and cat food. But today he's refusing to eat.
He doesn't like walking around and sleeps a lot and hasn't crowed since the attack. He chrips sometimes but that's it.
He has some bright green bruising and hematomas but no seriously deep wounds.
I'm really worried about him now that he won't eat. He was doing so much better yesterday. His poo was much more formed yesterday, but now that he won't eat it's mostly white mucus liquid.
Anyone have any suggestions on how to make him rally a bit? Thanks!

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