cat in the brooder


11 Years
Feb 22, 2008
Cumming, Georgia
i was in the garage last night feeding my chicks and just watching got late so i decided to go inside....i forgot to put the top back on:(....i went to bed and woke up this morning to see the top off the brooder and my cat inside....i thought i would find a dead chick but she was just laying under heat lamps keeping warm....some of the chicks were even roosting on her back:D
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Wow! That's awesome! My sweet cats are great with the rabbits and chickens, but they look at the chicks like they want a bite sized treat.
I have 3 Kittys that could care less:

One of whom thinks they're his BFF's:

Glad your kitty was well behaved! My other kitty (not pictured) thinks they are food, and is always shut in a room when they are out.
my cat, who is very old but quite the hunter.........i was worried that he would be the first one after the babies.............also sleeps under my coop. when he is not under it he is lying in front of it just watching them............kind of sweet and makes me like him more.
My three cats have been sitting at the door to my daughters room where the chicks are just waiting for a chance to sneak in. I don't think they would consider the chicks friends...more like lunch. I can't be sure but I am not going to chance it.

I even had to change the doorknob to a round turn handle. I had the fancy long lever type handle and my cats all learned how to use it and can open doors themselves. Had to make sure my first little hatch was safe and sound while I am at work!
I don't understand cats. The three I have are scared of my older chickens. They let the chicks walk all over them but they terrorize and try to catch the wild birds.
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