Cats out of the bag


10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Byram, NJ
Well I let my 8yr old daughter go across the street to the neighbors house because they asked her to come visit.(not worried I could see her out my window at all times) 5 minutes later she comes running in the door and she says "they're onto us. They asked me what we built on the side of the house. What do I tell them daddy?" UGH. I can't tell her to lie (oh I wish I could) so I tell her to tell them the truth. Now in my book this neighbor is kind of the uppitty type. So now I'm expecting to get a visit from animal control or whoever I don't know maybe they'll be cool and live and let live. Praying for good fortune I put alot of work into the coop, have no roosters and only 5 hens. My zoning is vague but coops have to be a certain distance from property lines and I'm sure mine doesn't as my lot is very small.
Crossing my fingers for you!!!
I haven't even bothered to check local laws since I live out in the country. I've got two acres and all my neighbors are excited about my getting chickens... I'm mostly worried about trespassers (and of course predators, the everlasting worry) as we get quite a few of them. Everyone seems to think our PRIVATE road is a public one. They drive down it to get to OUR dock *And our neighbors', whose docks are all PRIVATE docks* and tear up OUR road that we take a lot of time to keep taken care of. Usually my dog tears after them, a german shorthaired pointer, and they take off running, cause' by golly she's scary! But still, what if some teenagers come by and see my chickens?
Unfortunately the girls aren't laying yet. May have to get some from the egglady at work and claim them as my own.
That might work...

Or, assuming they have a small child as well, invite the whole family over to play with the chickens and show them what sweet, QUIET, little pets they are. Something you could never get rid of.
Or only invite their kid, so they go back whining about how badly THEY want some little chickies!
That'll work, just keep an eye on your conscience!

I suggest a diplomatic visit, with a grand tour of your "ultra clean coop with fenced in, happy and healthy hens".
Sounds like you should put a sign at the road entry stating that it is a private road; no trespassing. Ditto for the dock. If necessary you could put a chain across the road or a gate.
We've put up too many signs to count. Built a fence and put a lock on it. They just don't care. *Sigh*

All I know is the first one to touch my chickens *or my dog* is getting a bb in their rear end. And I'm a good enough shot to do it.
After reading this I feel very lucky. Last time I checked, if I understood it correctly, as long as im not in a residential area I dont have a poultry limit as long as they live in an area where they can stand up and walk around with food and water availible at all times. Plus my neighbors love them. The sound of the cockerel learning to crow and the adults crowing. It probably helps the get a dozen or 18 eggs for only $1

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