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    I'm having an issue with my next door neighbor. She is a really nice person, good neighbor and we've gotten along well for years, except for when it comes to this one thing. She's a cat lover. She has 6 of them that live in her house. It would be too many for me, but that's just me. I prefer dogs, but don't mind cats. Have had cats in the past, just don't want to have any now. That said, here's the rest of the story:

    There's another lady in our neighborhood, right across the street from me. She is also a cat lover. To the extreme. There are approximately 30 cats living in her yard at the present time. They are not her cats, are just wild cats that stay there because she puts out food and water for them. They don't belong to anyone, are feral, wild as can be. If they stayed there all the time it wouldn't be bad, but they don't. They roam the neighborhood, mating, peeing and pooing (all along the foundation of our house in the soft earth) and eating small squirrels and birds, climbing all over our cars and sneaking into our garage, getting into our trash...well, you get the picture.

    The last few litters of kittens have had some severe deformities and eye problems, so you know they are inbreeding and during the hot muggy weather that we had a week ago a few of them just died in someone's yard. eeewww!
    Anyway, my next door neighbor is trying to get some of us to trap them and take them to be spayed and neutered and "then they can come back." I said to her, "I would trap them and take them to be euthanized, I see no sense in bringing them back to remain homeless in our neighborhood."
    She went berserk, ranting about the fact that I am a "cat-killer" and a sicko and several other things. She referred to "maybe someone should have your dog euthanised!" My dog is kept in our own yard, totally fenced, or in the house, never roams or defacates or anything else in anyone's yard but ours. And we are the ones who clean it up. I started to say that no one suggested taking anyone's pets, only the straggly homeless cats that are creating a nuisance in the neighborhood. (which she must agree with, as she's the one who came up with this plan) Before I could even get it out she went stomping to her own house, muttering and ranting all the way and got out her lawn mower and has been running it back and forth along the edge of my driveway ever since. She must be still ranting because when I looked out the window I could see her mouth moving like crazy as she mowed.

    Here's my question....Am I so out of line by suggesting that the cats should be euthanised humanely rather than brought right back here to continue with being nuisances? I can't believe that what I said warrants such a tirade
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    I think people should at least TRY to get them to a good home somewhere. If some are deformed to the point of them being in pain then you should get them checked out, maybe euthenized. At least get them spayed/neutered. Have you called the Humane Society?
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    I don't think you are unreasonalble AT ALL. Feral cats are not only a nuisance but usually unhealty and a health hazard to others. I can only imagine the smells coming from her place and the thought of them only breeding more is going to make it worse quickly. Sounds like you might need to get animal control involved if she's unwilling to thin them out herself. I am an animal lover too but you can only do so much to properly provide for them and once they over populate like that it's just unhealthy for everyone.
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    I say, trap & euthanize. The humane society will keep the ones deemed "adoptable". If she's still ranting, take her down first. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Dont worry about it..
    Just set out the traps and bring them in to be put down... she dosent even need to know.
    Being put down is waaay better than how they are living now..
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    I think it's reasonable to have them euthanized if there is no placement options through a rescue. It's sad, but the blame lays with those who didn't spay/neuter the animals and/or just dumped them. They passed the problem onto the neighborhood and there just aren't a lot of options on how to handle it.

    I would add that I am a bird lover, and that cats (especially feral populations) do a lot of damage to our native bird populations. I do not think that a feral cat's life is worth more than the many birds it will probably kill in a year. I wouldn't tolerate a feral colony of cats in my neighborhood. I love cats - especially ones who have responsible owners. But I am also a bit of a pragmatist.
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    Back away from the crazy cat lady
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    Quote:And dont make any sudden moves either...
    And whatever you do.. do NOT make any eye contact with her.
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  10. Quote:And dont make any sudden moves either...
    And whatever you do.. do NOT make any eye contact with her.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I agree its completely reasonable - I am a big cat person - any pet person really but when I was a kid we had a farm and it started with us having a few pets - some fixed some not - they started breeding and then people started dropping the off and we wound up with 35+ cats - sure all had names all were very friendly and lovey but its too many cats on 6 clear acres + 5 wooded acres and the closest neighbor 1/4 mile away, its definately too many in a neighborhood.

    kittens can be rehomed so don't feel bad about those being taken to the pound. - contact any rescue/shelter etc to see what can be done and see if you can't get the shelter to come set up their traps in your yard and pick up any caught cats. I agree cats cause all kind of issues and trouble... these cats are wild - not vaccinated for anything and what about kids in the neighborhood who try to catch kittens or something? - this would be my big worry. Kids think kittens are cute - and feel sorry for a sick kitten - but who knows what they have. [​IMG]

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