Caught a dove

Courtney R

7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
Last week i caught a dove, cuz i leave the door open for my chickens to go in and out. Three doves always come and eat chicken feed and 1 of them is more comfortable around people. It flew into the chicken coop and i was going bak inside and it started flying around
and my rooster was trying to attack it from the outside. i went in and was trying to get something to hold the door and it flew next to me then i grabbed it.
My mom said that i had to let it go cuz they mate for life. But it still comes around.
Sounds like you have a friend, perhaps if you put a chair out there and some dove seed, he will come closer.......

Should probably be cautious about letting them with the chickens, though since they can track in lice and whatnot. I think our doves here in MI have made the migration, maybe your little dove is really hungry!
yeah i hav chicken feed out, and i ran down stairs-not knoing he was there- and he just flew a couple feet onto the bike, they come here in Florida wen it starts getting cold
also, i try to keep him away from the chickens cuz my rooster dog and cats try to get the doves, i just dont want him hurt
yeah im pretty sure, wen i caught him i wanted to put a zip tie on his leg to remember but it mite get him stuck in something, but he is the only one that will come down

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