Caught stray rabbit! (urgent!)

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by brierose3, Oct 24, 2013.

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    after months of bonding, i have just caught a stray rabbit. It is currently in a cat carrier and i just need to know what to feed it. I understand that if i feed it too much fruit and veggies straight away it could get sick. Should i just wait till tomorrow to go to the pet shop and get it food? Also would it be okay to transfer it into our unused chicken tractor or should it be fine to leave it in the carrier overnight. Thanks :)
  2. brierose3

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    also do you think it is cruel to keep it after it has been in the wild free?
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    In most states that I know of it its considered not legal to catch the local wildlife and keep them as pets. You probably should look and make sure before you keep it.
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    The OP is in Australia. Rabbits are not native to Australia, so they aren't considered "wildlife," they are classed as an invasive species and a nuisance.

    A lot of rabbit breeders give their rabbits grass hay, pelleted feed, and (of course) water.

    If the chicken tractor is made with chicken wire, it might not be secure enough (rabbits can chew through chicken wire). A carrier is OK for a short period of time, but since rabbits pee a lot, things tend to get too wet to be healthy for the rabbit pretty quickly in a carrier.[​IMG]

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