Causes for exploding egg on the 2nd day of incubation in a shipped egg

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  1. lorriewithane

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    Jul 16, 2008
    Hi, I have been a member for quite a while but don't think I have ever posted a question. My problem is I ordered eggs in, let them sit for 24 hours before setting them and one of them exploded on the 2nd day of incubation. I thoughly cleaned the incubator and the turner before use and had the incubator running before the eggs arrived. I did candle the eggs when I received them and noticed some red in a couple of the eggs. The air cells were all loose also, I didn't worry about this as much, as I have had eggs hatch out fine in the past that arrived in that condition. I have hatched out thousands of chicks and a fair number of those were shipped eggs but I have never had this happen and would just like some input on what could have been the cause for this. Thanks much, Lorrie
  2. Katy

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    They sent you old eggs....and from the sound of it maybe eggs that had been partially incubated. I'd be talking to the seller about it.
  3. lorriewithane

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    Jul 16, 2008
    I did ask the seller about it and he is convinced it was the post offices' fault and he can't send me more because he has his eggs pre sold until Feb. or March. I maybe should mention that these are Blue Laced Red Wyandotte eggs. Lorrie
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    Lord knows I'm no expert, but I have removed some eggs from a broody muscovy's nest that I was afraid would explode. They had been under her for about 25 days, both times. I removed them because I could smell them. (Yes, I sniff eggs. [​IMG])

    Did you smell anything wrong with them before you set them? Even a hint of a whiff of badness? I'm just curious.

    I have a friend who disposed of a broody chicken egg after the rest had already hatched, and it exploded on her. Again, more than 21 days.

    Seems pretty suspicious to me.
  5. rarebreedeggs4u

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    Sep 27, 2009
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    That just REALLY sounds like an old egg. I set some for a friend recently and had to pull one last night. It was BLACK all over inside when I candled and then I smelled it...ewwww! She said they were laid the day she gave them to me...not that one, it was hidden somewhere and she happened to find it or it was REALLY full of bacteria.

    I'm so sorry for your having an exploder. Did it contaminate all of the other eggs? I swear I have been in the livestock industry all of my life and there is NO worse smell than that!
  6. jenjscott

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    May 24, 2008
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    The post office can be responsible for a lot of things, but no way would a fresh egg explode that soon. That comes from gas generated by a rotting egg. Not the post office's fault. OLD EGG
  7. Katy

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    Quote:The Post Office messes up a lot of eggs, but even they can't do that to an egg. Sorry, but if you paid with paypal I'd file a dispute with them before the time limit is past to do that. Was this a BYC seller?

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